Willys-Overland Motors Jeep CJ-2A 1946 – Boyer Fire Apparatus Jeep J-140

My interest in Jeeps started back after I became in high college, within the early 1970s. A faculty buddy of mine, named Jim Little (who is nonetheless a pal of mine nowadays) had a 1953 Willys Jeep CJ-3A in his own family. It become used often up at their cottage inside the Laurentians, north of Montreal, Quebec. As become usual, it became a utility car, used to: pull gang mowers to¬†jeepcarpro.com cut the garden; haul cut wooden for the fire; carry tree trimmings to the compost pile; etc. Other than having wider and softer tires than the authentic tires, it was an authentic Jeep, actual and without primary changes, from what I don’t forget.

I often visited Jim’s cottage and became conversant in the effortful chores required to hold one of these huge cottage belongings. The Jeep was worried in most projects around the cottage and it always appeared to run without any problems. Getting to apply the Jeep recreationally became the most a laugh however.

There become a golfing route that ran alongside the side of Jim’s own family assets. At dusk Jim would assignment his brother and I to power the Jeep via the direction, vaulting the sand traps and blowing via the creeks. The best rule they stipulated became to: “Stay off the veggies!!” Jim’s whole own family have been outstanding golfers, so I was in no way positive if the rule of thumb was to save you being recognized by the extraordinary tire markings, or to make certain that they may nonetheless assume a excellent round of golfing the following morning. To my recollection, no person changed into every stuck with the Jeep at the golfing direction.

Near the cottage, there had been additionally plenty of dust roads and trails into the woods, which have been fun to discover. I became in awe of ways stable this vehicle changed into. We trusted it to ascend almost any steep elevation, undeterred by way of rocks, roots or fallen trees. This Jeep seemed to revel in powering via rutted and boggy wooded regions or rocky creek beds. The memories of carefree and reckless instances with Jim’s family Jeep are all about younger adventures and warm Canadian summers. Today, forty+ years and a generation later, the identical Jeep remains being used to maintain Jim’s circle of relatives cottage property.

About five years after restoring and selling a 1972 BMW 2002tii, I got the itch to are looking for out another automobile project. Since the 1953 Jeep CJ-3A had such fond memories for me, I commenced conversations with my buddy Jim, to look if he could be willing to sell me his family Jeep, to apply as a recuperation venture. Initially, he gave it a few thought, however eventually, my heightened interest in his Jeep seemed to stimulate his mind of preserving it and possibly at some point finishing his very own recovery project.

So, with a focus on post-warfare Jeeps, in April of 2017, I commenced a search for my very own vintage “diamond-in-the-rough” style Jeep. Very early on, I linked with a retiree, simply out of doors of Ottawa, Ontario, who become a collector of Jeeps. He had at the least thirty-5 of them, and Jeep components too, many of which have been army. In my preliminary smartphone conversations with him, I let him realize that I become looking for a non-military or civilian Jeep. Fortunately for me, he said that he had some and that he desired to dispose of them. He began sending me pix of the civilian Jeeps that he had. It appeared that he might nicely have something that would fit my standards.

As we were narrowing down our conversations to 1 Jeep in particular, I noticed a bright inexperienced Jeep in the historical past of one of the snap shots that he had sent. This inexperienced Jeep had no longer been part of any of our prior speak. As we had been closing in on a verbal agreement for one of his different Jeeps, I determined to ask about the inexperienced one. I will by no means forget his solution.

“Oh! That’s a totally particular and unique Jeep. I had completely forgotten approximately that one. I think you might be actually interested by it.”

“Why is that?” I said.

“Well, it’s a 1947 Willys Jeep CJ-2A, however it became also a Boyer Fire Jeep and it handiest has eight,842 original miles on it.”

This Jeep have been pushed a mere 8,842 miles (14,229 kilometers), which means that slightly ‘damaged in’ by way of some requirements. While he became explaining all the fascinating info, I turned into madly scouring the Internet, seeking to verify what he turned into telling me. Within minutes we had a verbal, images most effective, deal.

The Willys Jeep has an exciting history. What could later come to be “Willys-Overland Motors,” started as an car organisation in 1908, building broadly speaking luxurious cars. In 1941, Willys-Overland won the bid to provide a light-weight truck-style army vehicle, for the United States War Department, introducing MA-MB fashions. It was to be the world’s first mass-produced four-wheel force. During World War II, the military observed this vehicle to be tough, durable, flexible and really capable as a recognisance automobile. In 1943 Willys-Overland trademarked the term “Jeep.” Some say that the starting place of the call Jeep stems from the abbreviated GP for “General Purpose.”

In a extremely desperate want to find a market for the Jeep, submit conflict, Willys-Overland evolved the first full-production civilian Jeep in 1946. The CJ-2A became produced in Toledo, Ohio. These versatile, ‘pass everywhere’ automobiles were advertised to ranchers, farmers, hunters and utility agencies. The CJ-2A looked very much like a civilianized MB, except it had the addition of a tailgate and aspect-set up spare tire. The significant distinction among the navy Jeeps and the CJ-2A civilian Jeeps were the grills of the 2 motors. The MB had recessed headlights and a 9-slot grill, at the same time as the CJ-2A had large headlights, which were flush-installed and a seven-slot grill. In vicinity of the MBs T-eighty four transmission, the CJ-2A was prepared with the beefier Spicer T-ninety three-speed transmission. The CJ-2A turned into still powered by way of the reliable Flathead L-134, or what has come to be known as the Go-Devil engine, generating 60 HP.

CJ-2As have been being offered for a couple of uses. At one factor, the Boyer Fire Apparatus Company of Logansport, Indiana, obtained a letter from Willys-Overland Motors, suggesting that they might be inclined to transform 50 Willys Jeeps right into a small sort of hearth car, with the help of the Boyer Fire Apparatus Company. They agreed and the Boyer Fire Apparatus Company went about making or obtaining the necessary substances to assist complete these conversions. Some of the standard device might have protected: big-scale, aspect installed toolboxes; fire hose boxes; ladder racks; hearth axes; hoses; nozzles; lighting and a siren. The maximum sizeable piece delivered to the Jeep, become a Barton Fire Pump U-forty, made by means of American-Marsh Pumps, of Battle Creek, Michigan.